What’s being done with renewable gas now?

Around the world, renewable gas is beginning to become a cost-effective and sustainable reality for homes and businesses.

Renewable gas projects in Australia

Australia is on the path to reducing energy emissions and creating a cleaner future. For gas, this means shifting away from natural gas toward renewables. With renewable gas (such as hydrogen and biomethane) the gas network will deliver clean, reliable and renewable energy for the appliances Australians use every day.

Here’s what’s happening around Australia right now.

Clean Energy Innovation Park, Perth

Set for construction in 2022, CEIP is a 10MW electrolyser to be located near the Warradarge Wind Farm, to produce renewable hydrogen.

ATCO expects to commence blending up to 10% hydrogen to approximately 2,500 customers in parts of the Perth natural gas network in 2023

Find out more at ATCO.

Western Sydney Green Gas Project, Sydney

The WSGGO will create renewable gas from early 2022 to be used in homes via the gas network, stored to create electricity when renewable energy is not available, and an onsite refuelling station for commercial vehicles.

Find out more at Jemena.

Hydrogen Park Murray Valley, Albury Wodonga

A proposal to deliver up to 10% blended renewable gas to 40,000 domestic, small commercial and industrial gas customers in the twin townships of Albury Wodonga. Delivery is expected to begin in 2023/2024.

Find out more at Australian Gas Infrastructure Group.

Hydrogen Park Gladstone, Queensland

From 2022, HyP Gladstone will deliver up to 10% blended renewable gas to residents of Gladstone.

Find out more at Australian Gas Networks.

Hydrogen Park South Australia

In 2021, ‘HypSA’ began supplying a 5% blended renewable gas supply to residents in Mitchell Park, Adelaide. It was the first Australian project to deliver renewable hydrogen to customers through an existing public gas network.

Find out more at Australian Gas Networks.


In Alberta, Canada, ATCO will blend 5% hydrogen into a subsection of its Fort Saskatchewan natural gas distribution system.

For more, see the ATCO website.


Japan is a world leader in implementing hydrogen usage. It has set itself the target of 800,000 hydrogen powered cars and using hydrogen for power generation. The Tokyo Olympics showcased many uses including the hydrogen powered Olympic flame.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is also committed to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Funded by Ofgem (the energy regulator for Great Britain) and led by Northern Gas Networks (a major gas distributor in the UK), h21 is a suite of projects designed to prove hydrogen can be used safely with the existing gas network.

For more, see the h21 website.

New Zealand

New Zealand is committed to achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050. To assist with this, the gas industry is investigating how zero carbon renewable gases production and blending with natural gas, with trials expected to commence in 2021.

For more, see the GasEnergy website.

Renewable gas projects around the world

We’re not the only ones getting excited about renewable gas – other countries around the world are in various stages of rolling out hydrogen to their networks.

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